[BAIYERANG] Skin Underwear Brightening and UV Block Dual Function Moisturizing Makeup Base CUYMBZZGZ

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It is a skin fit brightener for vivacious and lustrous skin through fine pearl particles that add dazzle and shine to skin. Effectively protecting skin against UV rays from scorching sunlight, it also helps to maintain moist and health skin through its natural ingredients.UVA & UVB Dual Protection : Simultaneouly protecting against the UVA &UVB of UV rays, it also effectively protects skin against UV rays through its long-lasting effects.Whitening Effect of Niacinmaide : Brightening dark skin through the meanin caring niacinmaide, it creates beautiful and clear skin.Protects skin against UV rays (SPF36/PA+++) with skin whitening effect.How to Use : After basic skin care, apply moderate amount and gently spreading according to skin tone.

Containing Natural Ingredients
Rhizobian gum : Providing nourishment and moisture to dry and rough skin from UV rays, it create smooth skin tone with long-lasting moisturizing effect.
Natural moisturizing factor, hyaluronic acid : An ingredient with the capability to pull moisture 1,000 times its weight, hyaluronic acid provides moisture and soothes fatigued skin from external irridation.
Edelweiss extract : An herb habitating in the clean regions of the Alps, it helps to create clear and vivacious skin with its highly effective moisturizing effects.

Lee Myung-jae who was in charge of the makeup of ‘Daejanggeum’ – an epic drama of MBC, signalling the beginning of the Korean Wave, artist Ahn Seung-cheol in charge of the makeup of ‘King and the Clown’ with the box-office record of 10 million viewers, artist Kim Hye-jeong selected as a makeup director in opera ‘Turandot’ directed by Chinese maestro Zhang Yimou, artist Kim Hey-on and artist Oh Young-hwan who are leading the golden days of Korean dramas at ‘Emergency Couple’, ‘Healer’, ‘Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho’,‘The K2’..., and other artists from Yerang Production whose ability has been recognized through plenty of broadcast and drama fields. Should their makeup careers be combined all together, it would make more than 100 years.
Artists, who have only been engaged to make effective makeup so far while continuing to apply makeup to a large number of actors and actresses for such a long time as over one century, set off their cosmetic brand containing their knowhow and sincerity to the most.

[BAIYERANG] Skin Underwear Brightening and UV Block Dual Function Moisturizing Makeup Base CUYMBZZGZ

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